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Ribblesdale Pool Risk Assessment April 2021

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Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from Class 5!

Learning about Parliament; A visit from our MP, Nigel Evans

Millie's Trust
First Aid Training

Having a tasty time in Class 5! Our Warburton's visitor gave us 'food for thought', giving us an 'eat well' guide and practical sandwich making session with Warburton's 'Thins' bread!  We all had a great afternoon.

Curling at the Flower Bowl

Class 5

Well done Year 6! You've worked so hard.


Residential Visit 

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Settling in......

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Class 4 had a fabulous day at Outdoor Elements, team building and taking part in adventurous activities.

Class 4's Bollywood dance from our Diwali day

People's Museum Manchester

On Thursday 29th June Class 4 went to Manchester People's Museum to see the Downham Banner. We saw the laboratory where the banner has been restored and the techniques used. Later on we visited the museum and took part in a historical drama about the Peter Loo Massacre. We had a great time and learned about the historical facts and about popular peoples protest.    


In Class 4 we are developing our investigative skills. We have planned and carried out investigations as part of our ‘Materials’ topic. Our focus was on how to ensure our investigations were fair. We tested biscuits to see which biscuit was most suitable for dunking and we investigated what factors affect how quickly solids dissolve.

Den Building

Following on from our den building activities on our residential course in the Isle of Man we have been designing and building our own mini dens. 


Good Deed December

Each day Class 4 chose a good deed to perform during Advent.


Chemical Reactions

Testing the speed and temperatures to melt wax crayons.



Basketball Competition at Oakhill 

We came 2nd out of 10 teams.


Vegetable Printing

We used vegetables to print patterns to make some cheerful bunting to decorate our corridors.

Millie's Trust - First Aid Training

Year 5/6 Athletics Competition


Well done to St David!!

St David ran a very successful Halloween Game at the 'Friends' disco - the 'Dip of Doom' was a real winner! 

Golden Time Activity.

To link with our Survival topic we camouflaged our hands using face paint.

Golden Time Activity.

Playing card games. We enjoyed teaching each other our favourite games.

Golden time activity.

Following instructions to make paper planes. Watch them go!

Maths in the Workplace

Class 4 have been finding out exactly how they might use the skills and knowledge they learn in maths lessons when they go out into the real world!


Johnson Matthey S.T.E.M. Challenge

The Year 6s enjoyed working in teams in the S.T.E.M challenge.

This involved competing against each  other in teams to build the tallest and strongest tower out of sticks and elastic bands.


Class 4 Portraits

Henna Art

As part of their geography topic on India, Class 4 have enjoyed designing and painting their own henna patterns.


Over the last few weeks we have been learning about poems, for example limericks, kennings, cinquains, Tankas and Haikus. Each poem has its own type of syllable pattern.

Haiku = 5,7,5

Tanka =5,7,5,7,7

Cinquain = 2,4,6,8,2

Kenning = 2 words on each line and as many lines as you want.

Limerick = rhyming pattern AABBA etc.

We had lots of fun we also made some of our own poems.

by Harry B



In maths we have been  measuring our arm lengths and hand spans and other body parts. This was part of our work on measure. We have also done a lot of work with weights in kilograms and grams. Also we have learnt about perimeters.

We also learnt about Leonardo Da Vinci Vitruvian Man. He believed that the proportions and measurements of the human body, which was divinely created, were perfect and correct. 

by Harvey and Connor


Most recently in class four's science lessons we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes e.g. water to ice. Also we have been doing lessons about the pulse rate which is measured in B.P.M, (beats per minute)  We did an experiment in the school hall where we did different activities to measure changes of our pulse rate . At the start of the school year we were looking at the skeleton,joints, ligaments and muscles . As well as this we learned about the human circulatory or cardiovascular system which pumps blood around the body.        written by Luis W. 


Joan Miro was born on April 20 1893 in Barcelona and studied at Barcelona school of Fine Arts and later, in 1920 moved to Paris, where found influence from surrealist artists and writers and evolved his mature style.  Later he died at the age of 90 years in 1983.

We made one of his paintings called The Dogs Howl At The Moon with 24 of us working together.We had

to draw and paint  one small bit and at the end joined them together.

By Harvey S


In Class 4 in history we have been learning about World War 2. We have learnt what transportation was like when people were being evacuated, they used trains, buses and boats. We also learnt about encouraging posters for women and children, farmers and soldiers. We also learnt about rationing and how much food they would get in one week. Lots of foods were rationed like, sugar, meat, tea, eggs, jam, sweets and milk. People were also encouraged to grow their own fruit and vegetables. 

People in the war would work together as it was a very hard time.

by Alice and David

Physical Education

In P.E. we've been learning gymnastics and doing a routine with a partner which is called a sequence. We had to include 8 different elements such as an asymmetrical shape, balances, symmetrical rolling and jumping actions. The sequence must include a change of direction and a change of level and incorporate mirror or matching shapes and balances.

by Ethan and Dominic