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Class Curriculum Maps (2 Year Cycle)

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Class Curriculum Overviews

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Curriculum Subject Overviews

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Curriculum Intent Statements

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Send Curriculum Support (please also see our SEND Policy)

SEND Curriculum Support

RE Statement of Entitlement

A high quality religious education (RE) curriculum is an important part of our teaching. At the heart of RE in our school is the teaching of Christianity, rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Please click HERE for our RE Statement of Entitlement.


'Learning for Life' Curriculum (PSHE/RSE)

The new 'Relationships & Health Education' (RHE) element of the PSHE/RSE Curriculum became statutory for all primary pupils in September 2020.
At Chatburn CE Primary School we use the KAPOW Scheme and resources to deliver our 'Learning for Life' PSHE/RSE curriculum. 

Click HERE to see our consultation letter to parents (June 2021) and HERE to view a presentation on the RHE curriculum

Click HERE to view our PSHE Policy

Click HERE to view our RSE Policy

Please click HERE to see an overview our 'Learning for Life'  PSHE/RSE Curriculum


1. The new statutory RHE Curriculum - A Presentation for Parents

2. DfE 'Understanding Relationships and Health Education in your child's primary school: A guide for Parents.'

3. DfE Statutory Guidance

4. KAPOW : RSE Pupil Progression document

5. KAPOW : A Parent's Guide

6. KAPOW : PSHE/RSE Vocabulary List


Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital statement

Curriculum Policies:


 Maths Fluency Policy.docDownload
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 Calculations Policy LKS2.pdfDownload
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 Spelling Punctuation & Grammar Glossary.pdfDownload
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Key Learning in Reading.

Below, you will find statements related to the age appropriate reading skills, knowledge and understanding for each year group.
key learning documents are used to support pupils in becoming effective and reflective independent readers.


The Key Learning statements are used by teachers to help to focus whole class teaching and are taught in the context of lively, engaging and creative units of work, they help to ensure that pupils make progress as readers. Teachers ensure that skills are modelled and scaffolded and that pupils are given opportunities to apply them in a range of different contexts. Regular teaching of skills takes place through a combination of lively, engaging shared reading, focused, needs-based guided reading and the daily read-aloud programme.
Texts used are high quality, interesting, engaging and fascinating. Texts from a wide range of genres and authors are read. Reading skills are regularly applied across the curriculum.

Overview of Reading

Key Learning in Reading Year 1

Key Learning in Reading Year 2

Key Learning in Reading Year 3

Key Learning in Reading Year 4

Key Learning in Reading Year 5

Key Learning in Reading Year 6